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RaiseTheCredit.com is a division of Kredit Koncepts

Raise The Credit is a division of Kredit Koncepts and it’s Credit Education Center located at 1175 Castle Hill Avenue in Bronx New York. Kredit Koncepts is an important part of the community and has assisted tens of thousands of people since 2009. As a collaborative enterprise, Raise The Credit works closely with community leaders and local businesses to implement affordable credit recovery packages that best help residents and employees.


Kredit Koncepts has been at the forefront of innovation providing economic recovery to thousands of people from all walks of life. Our approach is comprehensive yet simple to initiate; bringing participants to empowering credit score levels of 700+.


Our team maintains an active presence in the credit sector by building the best strategies that can be used by members to “Raise The Credit”. We also use this knowledge to educate about the vital role credit plays in empowering communities. When credit scores improve, communities learn how to thrive. Raisethecredit.com has provided the most convenient, impactful and affordable way to reach credit recovery.


The fact is, 70% of all credit reports have errors in them. We are experts in helping our clients identify accounts that are erroneous, inaccurate and unverifiable. Removing these negative accounts gives our clients the opportunity to provide a positive credit profile to lenders.


Having insufficient or no credit is another challenge that millions of Americans face. Typically, when a person has major credit issues, lenders close existing accounts that have late payments. Therefore, we give our clients an instant guaranteed approval of a $1500 Unsecured Line of Credit to begin rebuilding their profiles no matter what their current credit status is.


The 2017 Identity Fraud Study, released by Javelin Strategy & Research, found that $16 billion was stolen from 15.4 million U.S. consumers in 2016, compared with $15.3 billion and 13.1 million victims a year earlier. In the past six years, identity thieves have stolen over $107 billion.  As a result, we teach our clients “How To” tips on how to maintain great credit and protect their credit profiles by receiving Free Identity Theft Protection.

On-Site Credit Checks

The Mobile Credit Education Center is backed by a team with more than a decade of experience helping communities thrive. Raise The Credit helps solve the credit epidemic through advanced technology, affordability along with a sophisticated approach that builds on principles of education, fairness and personal responsibility. Receive a FREE Credit Check inside.

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