The R.A.R.E. Foundation


Our partnership with the most innovative credit improvement firm, Kredit Koncepts, allows us to provide expert support with building, maintaining and improving personal credit profiles. The credit improvement process works with the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and Transunion.

Each participant will have access to their very own Credit Dispute Portal. This will allow them to stay engaged and enjoy the power of being involved in the process.

Benefits to Enrollees

RARE Veterans

Helping our Heroes Return

During the 21st century our nation has withstood a period of unrest including 3 wars and most recently ISIL intervention. During this time, our brave men and women have been entrusted to protect our freedom and security. However, when these soldiers return to civilian life they can struggle in many ways. It is imperative society provide them with the assistance they need.

They Protected Us. Let Us Restore Them.

Many of these veterans need our assistance. Why? While they were protecting our nation, their credit profiles were affected by the global economic downturn. Many veterans should qualify for VA Home and Business loans, but are held back because of their credit profiles. This results in many veterans struggling with stability, homelessness and hopelessness. In fact, the struggles veterans face upon their return home often lead to homelessness, addiction, depression and personal decline.

We Can do Better

  • On any given night in America, 47,000 veterans are homeless
  • 1.5 million veterans are at risk of homelessness due to poverty, lack of supportnetworks, and dismal living conditions in overcrowded or substandard housing.
  • A 620 Credit Score is required for a VA Loan. This is easily achieved with the RARE Veterans program.

These facts are heartbreaking and should stir the hearts of all of us. A consistent effort to help
restore all veterans to our communities could be our most precious gift.